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PLAYMel Blanc Associates SuperFun Demo, 1968 (22:00)

. . . More frogs, Carl - find more frogs . . .

Cartoon of Mel Blanc as SuperFun Voice Man

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SuperFun One-Sheet.)

SUPERFUN, the Radio Comedy Service, now exists as a major programming factor on radio stations in over 200 markets. It has proven itself to be a vital programming aid and generator of new revenue. Merely eighteen months old, it is already the most successful syndicated radio comedy project ever undertaken.

One problem still exists in the minds of the station managers, program directors and air personalities who contemplate purchasing the service, "What will it sound like on my station? How does it fit alongside my records, news, and commercials?" This album is an attempt to solve that problem by demonstrating how Superfun is used by four radio stations, which, we believe, represent a cross-section of stations across the country.

Mel Blanc Associates
PLAYGary Owens, KMPC Los Angeles (5:23)

KMPC is one of the most dynamic middle-of-the-road broadcast facilities in the country and is always among the top five nationally in billing. One of the main reasons for both of these facts is Gary Owens, last year's winner of the Gavin Poll as the outstanding disc jockey in the United States. Gary latched onto Superfun and has made its comedy sketches part of his show since the day the service began. He claims that "The Story Lady," one of Superfun's continuing features, is the most talked about and best received radio feature ever to hit Los Angeles.

PLAYJack Palvino, WBBF Rochester, NY (3:57)

Nearly forty-percent of Superfun's stations are Top 40 Hard Rockers. WBBF is a prime example of how a station which appeals to the youth market can use comedy to strengthen its position in that market. The old taboo that goes, "Every second you're not playing music, you're losing audience," does not seem to hold up when it comes to Superfun bits. The material reaches the audience in an admittedly different way, but just as surely as a Bob Dylan lyric, and WBBF's Jack Palvino builds an average broadcast hour around a generous amount of Superfun comedy.

PLAYDon Munson, WJBC Bloomington, Illinois (5:20)

This air check provides some insight into the ways a small market station pro- grams Superfun; Bloomington, Illinois has a population of just under 40,000. The problems of big city stations such as KXOK St. Louis and WQAM Miami, both of which have Superfun, are nearly identical to stations in small markets: How do you fight the competition when your music and news are practically identical to his? Don Munson and WJBC have found that Superfun provides some of that programming advantage sought by all stations.

PLAYJ. Aku Head Papuli, KGMB Honolulu, Hawaii (7:20)

KGMB has a strange phenomenon in the person of Hal Lewis, an air personality that goes by the name of J. Aku Head Papuli. If one were to give the islands its choice of disasters, a blizzard or the retirement of Aku, the decision might surprise you. His show is an unpredictable mixture of everything that contemporary radio offers, middle-of-the-road music, top forty pacing, and a liberal sprinkling of sharp-edged telephone conversations. Aku claims that the sale of The Story Lady and other features for sponsorship has brought in revenue equaling five times the investment in Superfun.

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