GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Jeff Hollinger, who ended his radio career in San Francisco at K-101, at the young age of 24. Jeff's presentation of KFRC San Francisco 1984 is the largest composite of any radio station ever contributed to REELRADIO.
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. . . the music station you can actually hear all over Northern California . . .

[Description by contributor Jeff Hollinger]

This is a composite aircheck of KFRC, San Francisco, from the opening of the 1984 professional baseball season until the end of the year.

Included: Dr. Don Rose, who talks about his leg amputation from a body cast in a hospital bed at home. You will also hear Harry Nelson, Dave "Your Duke" Sholin, The Slim One, Rob Conrad, Jim Bridges, Don Sainte John, and the late, great Chuck Browning. Bobby Ocean is heard on all the promos, but he wasn't yet back on the air.

KFRC milked the whole Michael Jackson thing that was happening that year.

Newsmen Dave McQueen and Rob McCormick are featured. They had a great news staff back then, and you'll hear bits of news throughout this composite. There's stuff from the 1984 Democratic Convention, which really captures that time. The late Jane Dornacker, who did traffic back then, is also heard. What a wit she had!

KFRC sounded really great in 1984, better than previous years, though Bill Lee isn't included, and you know how great he sounded. The Big 610 hung in with the Top 40 format until 1986.

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