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. . . There's a lot of hippies and freaks on FM . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

This outstanding exhibit features airchecks of Superjock Larry Lujack on KJR, WLS and WCFL, and excerpts of an interview with Tom Snyder. Repository Contributor Michael Hagerty says the Snyder Interview is from 1975.

This is one of the most entertaining Lujack composites I've ever heard. There's some rare silliness with WLS newsgod Lyle Dean and a classic blooper when the engineer plugs in the wrong song! We are also treated to a WLS "Barnyard Report" (with real cattle prices), a couple of great Klunk letters on Super CFL and some fine finale fidelity.

This feature was originally created for Ultimate Radio Bootleg Volume 2 (1979) and compiled by Chuck Martin, Steve Goddard and Jimi Fox, and engineered by Steve Goddard at Piece-Meal Studios.

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