GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Stewart Pendoss for this excellent two-part recording from The Big Apple!
RA 10 Stereo   TOP STREAM 64Kbps (13KHz)
PLAY Tony Taylor, Jim O'Brien, WOR-FM New York May 2, 1968 (01:18:39)

Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (17:12)

. . . Ladies and Gentlemen, Memories Are Made Of This . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

This exhibit boasts smooth Tony Taylor in the last hour of his early afternoon shift, followed by a quarter-hour of Jim O'Brien. A second part, featured below, includes another 75 minutes of O'Brien. Taylor had been at WQXI/Atlanta just three years earlier. Tony Taylor passed away Sunday, June 18, 2017. He was a 2008 Career Achievement Inductee into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

There's lots of great and not-so-great music in this one, including a few Hitbounds that ultimately have been forgotten. But Bill Drake's custom WOR-FM format is in full glory with the Million Dollar Battle starting tomorrow. The fidelity and stereo separation is good, though there is some infrequent high-frequency splatter.

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RA 10 Stereo   TOP STREAM 64Kbps (13KHz)
PLAY Jim O'Brien, WOR-FM New York May 2, 1968 (01:12:27)

Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (16:22)

. . . I still can't believe there's a place named Irvington . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

And here are five quarter-hours of the late Jim O'Brien on The Big Town Sound. O'Brien sounds like he is having fun here, with lots of localized energy and shout-outs to the radiator factory, the snack bar, and listeners throughout The City.

Some of the oldies featured here are definitely "moldy", (a little bit country, and a little bit rock 'n' roll), a couple of the album selections are obscure, but all is not lost — there are a few tasty treats as well. There's more splatter on this one than the previous exhibit, but we are very fortunate to have such a complete recording of this legendary jock on Bill Drake's seminal FM station.

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