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PLAYTony Taylor, WQXI Atlanta, April 1965 (RESTORED) (01:01:51)

. . . later this hour we're giving away a year's supply of prune juice, and a pair of track shoes . . .

[Description by contributor Sam Hale]

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This aircheck was given to me by the late Steve Farrington with expressed permission to submit it as part of my REELRADIO Collection.

Tony "The Tiger" Taylor came to WQXI replacing Rod Roddy who had followed my regular 9-12 slot. Tony and I did numerous two-voice spots for an extended period. Additionally, Tony was the original voice for the Home Depot commercials.

After success in New York at WOR-FM, WNEW and WNBC, Tony returned to Atlanta and then headed a boutique ad agency for which Atlanta's premier Mercedes Benz dealer was his number one client.

Tony Taylor passed away Sunday, June 18, 2017. He was a 2008 Career Achievement Inductee into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

COMMENTS (below) reveal this recording was actually a RE-CREATION, broadcast on April 1, 1985.

[From Uncle Ricky: The Music on this exhibit was restored by REELRADIO, first for the July 31, 2005 debut, and again on August 3, 2005.]



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