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PLAY 1992 July 4th Pyromusical Spectacular at Cal Expo (22:42)

. . .  our star-spangled salute to the two hundred sixteenth birthday of the United States of America - Land of Discovery!  . . .

America - Land of Discovery
Harrah's Lake Tahoe
The Sacramento Union, KRBK-TV 31,
KHYL Oldies 101, KSAC 1240 Sports
and Cal Expo Harness Racing
The 1992 July 4th Pyromusical Spectacular

Produced By:
Don Early

Narrated By:
Tony Cox

Written & Directed By:
Richard Irwin


Special Thanks to
Zack Boles

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

This was the last July 4th Pyromusical Spectacular produced by Don Early, and it was the last show I wrote and directed. It had been 500 years since 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, so the theme was "Land of Discovery".

It had more sponsors than ever before, was the shortest and had the smallest attendance and fireworks budget. We DID have a 600-foot "Wall of Fire" effect that was impressive, however. The future of Harness Racing at Cal Expo (the State Fairgrounds) was uncertain, and in fact, changed hands after 1992.

We had two radio stations (with different owners!) to promote the event. Both KSAC 1240 Sports and KHYL Oldies 101 were sponsors. We simulcast the program on both stations. A newspaper, TV station and the Racing Association joined the major sponsor, Harrah's Lake Tahoe.

The audio production for this show was simple, and it was definitely G-rated in every way. I like to think we went out small and stylish. We had done bigger (and better?) shows, but the event was always sensational. It kept me excited about July 4th for months. It was always fun and it was always rewarding.

The 1992 Pyromusical Spectacular was one of ten programs featured during the REELRADIO Pyromusical Spectacular Marathon on July 4, 1998.

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