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PLAY KSFM FM-102 Sacramento 1986 July 4th Pyromusical Spectacular (30:39)

. . .  Higher and deeper still, as I clutch you inside my breast, feel the heartbeat of Freedom  . . .

A Salute to Lady Liberty, the 1986 FM-102 Pyromusical Spectacular at the California State Exposition and Fairgrounds.
FM-102 Salute to Lady Liberty

1986 ShowPro Proposed Showplan

[Description by Uncle Ricky]


Narrated by: Rick Gillette,
KSFM (FM-102) PD
Lady Liberty: Susan Hayward
Kate Smith Introduction:
Zack Boles

Produced at
Studio Z Recording, Sacramento


This is the original "Performance Master" (mono), processed for psuedo-stereo and online presentation. There may have been a genuine stereo master at one time, the one that was broadcast on July 4, 1986 on KSFM FM-102 (Woodland/Sacramento).

Rick Gillette, KSFM PD at the time, is the narrator. Rick went on to many years of success in Detroit, (at WHTZ) and later as VP of DMX Music, and as of the debut of this exhibit (July 4, 2006) PD of WCKS-FM in Chicago. You'll also hear Rick whispering "FM-102 Pyromusical Spectacular" during the extended music segments of this exhibit. What a great idea! Tell your listeners what station they are listening to...

Producer Don Early (ShowPro) insisted that the show be revised (just in time, we had already started production) to include Kate Smith, who had passed away on June 17, 1986. For this event in show business history, the fat lady actually started the show.

God Bless America!

The KSFM Sacramento 1986 Pyromusical Spectacular was one of ten programs featured during the REELRADIO Pyromusical Spectacular Marathon on July 4, 1998.

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