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PLAYRon Lundy, WIL St. Louis, February 28, 1962 (01:01:02)

. . . You know, I feel I'm losing control here! . . .

Ron Lundy,
circa 1966.

[Description by Larry Ware]

Ron Lundy began his career in radio at 1430 WIL in St. Louis. It was at WIL where he met life-long best friend, and then, program director, Dan Ingram. Dan Ingram was involved in the hiring process of Ron Lundy at WIL. Ron Lundy was known in St. Louis as the "Wild Child" and his program was Number One in the market.

In September of 1965 Lundy joined the staff at 770 WABC, New York where he began working the overnight shift as the "Swinging Night Walker". Seven months later he worked a 10AM - 2 PM midday airshift following Herb Oscar Anderson and later, in 1968, "The Morning Mayor" Harry Harrison. In 1984 Lundy joined the staff at WCBS-FM where he again worked with Dan Ingram and Harry Harrison. Lundy retired from WCBS on September 18, 1997 to his farm with his wife near Oxford, Mississippi.

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Ron Lundy had his hands full juggling four different WIL radio contests during this afternoon drive-time broadcast. For the record, WIL was running a "DJ Derby," a "Lucky License Game," and a "Pick Hit" contest, all while three WIL DJs were driving around in Car 143 looking for someone to claim 140 shiny new nickels. Whew! No wonder Lundy refers to himself twice as the "confused Ron Lundy!" But he carries all this activity off with cool, fine-tuned confidence, superb timing, and quick wit. This was one hot radio station on a very cold winter weeknight in St. Louis! After listening it becomes obvious why Ron Lundy made it big in later years in the New York market.

At the time of this aircheck "The Twist" was number 13 on the Silver Dollar Survey. WIL was using PAMS jingles. "Top Cat" was playing in prime time television. John Glenn was predicting the eventual existence of high-powered space cars. You could have your car outfitted with after market seat belts. Mel Blanc was doing Clark Gasoline commercials. And you could hear WIL's award winning Action Central News with Fred DuPair.

Ron Lundy, WIL St. Louis, February 28, 1962


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