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PLAYAlan Freed, KDAY Los Angeles, 1960 (08:39)

[Description by contributor Michael Hagerty]

. . . We must be number two, all the rest claim to be number one . . .

The "King of the Moondoggers" near the end of the line — banished from WABC and New York in the wake of the payola scandals — Alan Freed takes refuge at 50,000 watt (but highly directional) KDAY, Santa Monica, which (according to Don Barrett's Los Angeles Radio People book) paid him $25,000 a year and gave him complete control over the music in his show.

He did exactly that one year before leaving for Miami, and returning to L.A. for a brief stint at KNOB, Long Beach before dying (his daughter says "of a broken heart") at age 43.


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