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PLAYBobby Rich, KFMB-FM San Diego CA. September 26, 1986 (49:23)
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. . . that was some zucchini, but wait until you see this one . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky from notes by contributor Michael Hagerty]

This aircheck originated with Ed Chipp, who also contributed recordings of The Turkey Hour, hosted by Bobby Rich on KFMB-AM a decade earlier. Ed is up to his old tricks again, distributing goofy records, and now, growing gigantic vegetables. What better place to do that than on the B-100 Morning Zoo?

The Rich Brothers was Bobby's morning act when he returned to B-100 in the 80s. In addition to Bobby, the B-100 Morning Zoo included Scott Kenyon, Frank Anthony (who had the day off) and Pat Gaffey. There's also a airborne traffic report from Steve Springer.

Some pre-recorded funny bits lead this hour, and the production is very interesting. Generic showbiz music beds are used leaving music to seque into the Zoo crew. On this exhibit, one song was restored where the recording was interrupted temporarily, and that required some improvisation. Other than that, what you hear is what was broadcast - except that a stereo version was not available.

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