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PLAYCharlie Van Dyke, Michael Hagerty and Mary Reilly,
KGLQ-FM Phoenix, November 1997

. . . wonder how we're going to do without commercials? . . .

[Description by Contributor Michael Hagerty]

I'd listened to Charlie Van Dyke on KFRC and KHJ since I was 13 years old. I just about fainted when KTNV-TV in Las Vegas changed the announcer on its news opens in 1985 and, as the cameras and mics came up live, I heard Charlie saying "News 13 -with Michael Hagerty!" So, imagine how it felt to do a morning show with him. Fortunately, by the time this happened, we'd met and been friends for a few years, so I didn't freeze up.

The show didn't last long. At this time, Jacor was playing Pac-Man with radio stations all over the country. We'd had a couple of weeks to revel in our first book (#10 18-34, #12 25-54, up from 27th in both demos before our arrival), when they announced that the station was being sold and we were on borrowed time. I'd never stopped doing TV, so I just slept in later. Charlie went to KRTH, Los Angeles.

Charlie Van Dyke, Michael Hagerty KGLQ Phoenix 1997


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