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. . . electronically re-processed to simulate entertainment . . .

[Description by contributor Michael Hagerty]

It's New Year's Eve and just a few hours from the start of KFRC's countdown of the Top 100 songs of 1980. But Dr. Don Rose is doing a different kind of countdown — the 10 worst songs of the year!

Trouble is, our old fuddy-duddy buddy Dr. Don is showing his fuddy-duddyness (actually, music director Sandy Louie made up the list) — two of the three "worst" songs we hear in this hour wound up being considered 80s new-wave classics!

(Tech note: Before it was contributed to REELRADIO, this exhibit was converted to low-rate MP3, which explains the unpleasant artifacts you will hear on portions of this recording. Normally, we will not accept MP3 recordings, but the content here was too good to reject due to fidelity issues.)


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