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PLAYGary Owens, KMPC Los Angeles, June 16, 1973 (1:12:29)

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. . . Well, no wonder - I had a typographical error in my mouth there . . .

[Description by Contributor Michael Hagerty]

If you've read my bio, hearing Gary Owens on KMPC in 1964 made me want to be on the radio.

What I didn't know until hearing this aircheck and making a phone call, is that Gary's sometime engineer Ed Knight (to whom Gary refers a couple of times in this 'check) was also my engineer at KTAR, Phoenix. Small world!

[Technical note from Uncle Ricky: Sadly, this copy suffers from traveling misalignment, which explains the waxing and waning high frequencies. The problem is most notable on music, so the 'scoped version is recommended.]

Gary Owens, KMPC Los Angeles, June 16, 1973


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