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PLAYJohnny Williams, KHJ Los Angeles, February 27, 1970 (45:31)

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. . . I could be halfway across the Atlantic by the time Robert W. Morgan gets here this morning - where's that phone? . . .

[Description by Contributor Michael Hagerty]

Johnny Williams may have been the lowest-key of the Boss Jocks (spending most of his 9 years at KHJ in overnights,) but in my book, he did one its most perfect shows — this one.

The bugs had been ironed out of the format revisions from 9 months before, and KHJ once again sounded like a million bucks.

[Technical note from Uncle Ricky: Unfortunately, this otherwise excellent exhibit is a good example of a bad dub. The "tape head misalignment" problem has sullied more airchecks than we will ever know. For those who are unsure - the high frequencies aren't supposed to go in and out. It means that somewhere along the way, copies were made from tape heads that were not properly aligned. As a result, every copy of that copy was forevermore as you hear it here.]

Johnny Williams, KHJ Los Angeles, February 27, 1970


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