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PLAYThe Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, August 6, 1971 (44:50)
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. . . Am I dynamite? Of course! . . .

[Description by Contributor Michael Hagerty]

The "Motown Package" jingles have arrived and the 70-second commercial break limit has left — but The Real Don Steele is still on the case — one of only two remaining original KHJ Boss Jocks five years and three months after the debut of what was known as "Boss Radio".

Even though it's a "Fractious Friday", in this portion of the 4PM hour, RDS is keeping his content stripped down to the very basics — call letters, time, artist and title.

And the music? There are a few in this short 44 minutes you may not have heard for some time!

The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, August 6, 1971


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