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PLAYSteve Goddard, WFAA Dallas, October 1, 1976 (01:18:57)

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. . . oh, excitement, excitement! . . .

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In the 1970's, WFAA Dallas mounted an assault on Top 40 leaders KLIF and KNUS.

Picture of Steve Goddard
Steve Goddard
Listening to Steve Goddard on this Friday night, you'd swear you were listening to the leader. In fact, the end of WFAA as a music station was less than five weeks away.

Goddard went on to KCBQ (San Diego) the following year, and to KZZP, Phoenix, in 1981.

As of January 2004, he's been knocking 'em dead in afternoon drive on the legendary country giant KNIX (Phoenix, AZ) since 1996.


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