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This Special Holiday-Only Exhibit was available November 27 - 29, 2008. In 2009 and 2010, it is part of our annual TURKEY FEST streamed by AIRCHECK CHANNEL.

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Two More Bobby Rich KFMB-AM San Diego Turkey Hours, 1976 (01:56:51)

The Michael Hagerty Collection is pleased to present the 2008 REELRADIO TURKEYFEST with Gobblemaster Bobby Rich and TWO! (gobble) TWO! (gobble) TWO Turkeys In One!

[Descriptions by contributor Michael Hagerty]

The Turkey Hour, Bobby Rich, KFMB, San Diego, August 2, 1976

. . . I thought, what the hell — nobody listens to the radio eight to nine at night anyway . . .

It's the first anniversary of The Turkey Hour! Apparently it caught someone by surprise, because whoever recorded this didn't get tape rolling until about 2 and a half minutes in.

No matter — this one's chock full of the good stuff — including "20/20 Turkey News", and a running history of great moments from one full year of The Turkey Hour!

The Turkey Hour, Bobby Rich, KFMB, San Diego, November 22, 1976

... from the highly controversial yet non-offensive middle-of-the-road Turkey Hour ...

Finally — after years of The Turkey Hour becoming a REEELRADIO Thanksgiving tradition — here's a Turkey Hour recorded on Thanksgiving Week, 1976.

Earl Storm is Guest Turkey, bringing a big bag of golden gobblers to the table. This is a classic example of how Turkey doesn't mean stiff. Three of the first four songs were on the KHJ Boss Thirty when new, and the fourth was a rare exception in a string of hits for Glen Campbell!


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