In 1986, the space shuttle Challenger explodes after liftoff…

Martin Luther King Day is celebrated for the first time as a National Holiday…

The Statue Of Liberty celebrates its 100th birthday…


And…93 KHJ signed off the air. For the historic last broadcast of this one-time radio giant, Robert W. Morgan sent it off with style…

The Last Hour of KHJ, L.A., 1/31/86 (35:11)
Years after his introduction to Los Angeles, Robert produced the Silver Anniversary Of Boss Radio held in Century City…May 9, 1990, on opening night of the Radio and Records convention ....The energy in the room that night was unbelievable….

Robert W. Morgan at the KHJ 25th Anniversary (2:29)

Boss Radio Reunion, Century City

Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Steele reunited once again in 1992 at K-EARTH 101…The "Boss Was Back" and they both sounded better than ever. Robert W. proved that he still was "The Master Of The One-Liner"…dishing out his unique style of topical humor.


DEBUT: MAY 22, 1999

PLAY Robert W. Morgan, First Day on KRTH, August 1992 (32:01)

...I'm actually here before I should have been. This is kind of like a premature ejockulation....

Robert W. was originally scheduled to join KRTH on Monday, August 24, 1992, but as we hear in this rare recording from Brandon Castillo, he started a few days early. Best guess - this aircheck was made sometime the week before, perhaps Thursday, August 20, 1992.

Robert's fans were already tuned to KRTH and waiting for Morgan - they started lining up on the phones just a few minutes after his surprise appearance following the 5:30 AM news.

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PLAY Robert W. Morgan, KRTH, 1993-1996 (17:58)

This composite of airchecks from KRTH was assembled from material contributed by Brandon Castillo. (Please see "Bossography Credits"). The airchecks span 1993 through 1996, but are not presented chronologically.

Included is the "Anchor Honor Reel". Brandon says he remembers putting the first TV News Anchor blooper on cart, and that Morgan liked it so much "he played it 'til the cart pads wore out!! ...he told all the producers to keep an ear peeled for more screw-ups by local and national news anchors. The collection grew significantly and I put together what he ended up naming The Anchor Honor Reel".

The final aircheck in this composite includes Robert W. and The Real Don Steele on the air briefly, together. Brandon says this may be the only recording of Steele and Morgan on the air together.

Included: Andrew the Gay Attorney (1994), Listener Joke (1993), K-Earth Christmas Cash, Pulpies and Gumpies, Power Rangers Giveaway (1993), Dr. Johnny Cymbal (The Big Kahuna's psychiatrist), Fred Roggin at the Superbowl (1996), Mayor annouces more cops (1994), Anchor Honor Reel, Care for Kids Radiothon (1996), Hetero Pride Parade (1993), The Real Don Steele (1995).

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DEBUT: JULY 22, 2001 (Robert W. Morgan would have been 64 on 7/23/2001.)

G2 / 5.0 VIDEO RV8! TOP STREAM 225 Kbps (15 fps @240x180, 44.1 Khz Monaural)
PLAY Robert W. Morgan, KRTH March 28, 1994 (57:17)
Robert W. Morgan
A Video by Art Vuolo, Jr.

Robert W. Morgan
March 28, 1994
KRTH, Los Angeles

Dressed in his denim 'Ranger Boats' shirt, wearing his favorite black Sennheiser stethoscope-type headphones and accompanied by producer Mitch Lewis, ROBERT W. MORGAN makes it look all so easy as he plays 'The Greatest Oldies On Earth' and proves once again that he hasn't lost a step, after 29 years in Los Angeles.
Robert W. Morgan
Robert W. Morgan

Topical, funny and running the tightest board in town (himself) Morgan shows us all what makes him Boss in this very RARE 'behind-the-scenes' video aircheck shot by Art Vuolo Jr. in Studio "A" at the K-EARTH 101 studios (the former KHJ-FM studio, and the very same studio where 93/KHJ AM did its last broadcast) at 5901 Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, on March 28, 1994.

The ability to keep his show fresh and fun is what made him one of the true radio greats.

Happy Birthday Robert W.!

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