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PLAYBill Beamish, Ed Baer, Dean Anthony, WMCA NY 1969,1970 (65:11)

. . . I'm gonna say that other set of call letters before the day is over, I can just feel it comin' . . .

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[Description by contributor Rob Frankel]

What you will hear on this exhibit is the original full Sunday lineup of talent on WMCA, as it was circa 1965-68. In the order of appearance, Bill Beamish was recorded on September 28, 1969. Ed Baer was recorded on February 12, 1970, and Dean Anthony was recorded on October 25, 1969.

By the time of these recordings, however, the actual Sunday lineup was Beamish 6-10 AM, Dean Anthony 10 AM - 2 PM, Murray The K (and later, Alex Bennett) 2 - 6 PM, and Frankie Crocker 6 - 11 PM. I made this composite in the sequence presented for the classic WMCA Good Guy Sunday lineup. It's my own personal piece of nostalgia. Included: Bennett reports from London on the Paul McCartney is dead hoax.

The recordings were made from my home in Levittown, NY, and the faint Morse Code segments heard in the background were often a problem. It was especially frustrating when trying to record airchecks for the station. I don't know the source of this interference.

William R. "Bill" Beamish, 79, passed away on July 8, 2009 in North Miami Beach, FL from complications associated with prostate cancer.

[Note from Uncle Ricky: There are additional REELRADIO Morse Code copymarks added to this recording to provide identification as originating at REELRADIO.]


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