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. . . Well, all records fade out, you know, mostly records fade out nowadays. . . .


Here's approximately 90 minutes of the last WNBC show for Big Wilson on The Ides of March - March 15, 1974. The original 'scoped studio recording was flawlessly restored by contributor Rob Frankel.

Malcolm John Wilson, Jr., known as Big Wilson, died in October, 1989. He had just turned 65 and suffered a heart attack at a hotel in Selma, N.C. while touring the country with his wife, Jody.

Big Wilson was six feet, six inches tall and weighed over 300 pounds. His friendly voice was comfortably familiar to many Big Apple radio listeners. He came to New York in the early '60's and worked at WNBC for over eleven years. In 1975, he moved to Miami and worked at WIOD radio and as a late night movie host on WCIX-TV.

On this, his last day at WNBC, Wilson was 50 years old. Superstar Radio was experiencing a makeover, and he had been asked to leave. Apparently, there was a bit of a farewell party going on. You'll hear TM jingles, Energy Extra features (voiced by Wilson) and long-time NBC newsman Edwin Newman, Critic At Large, with a clever commentary about a bird problem in Maryland.


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