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PLAYCharlie Greer, Dan Ingram, WABC NY August 5, 1967 Pt. 1 (RESTORED) (45:52)
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. . . Sing it in abstentia! . . .


This wonderful exhibit from Master Restorian Rob Frankel begins as Charlie Greer is handing off the Saturday morning shift to prankster Dan Ingram, who is "groping in for Herb Oscar Anderson" and determined to have fun and make sure he's not asked to come to work on Saturday at 6AM again!

Good Morgan? Was this a salute to Asst. PD Glenn Morgan? Why does Dan remind "Spanish people" that fireworks are illegal? This was obviously a reference to something local and timely all those years ago. And Procol Harum actually means something - I just always thought it was about hookahs and horny dudes surrounded by submissive women. Wow. I was born in Flushing, but you New York Lifers were really sophisticated. I left Queens when I was 5 so I guess I'll just never understand, but I never forgot Route 22, Union New Jersey, creeping through the skip into my North Carolina bedroom.

Sure seems there are a LOT of jingles in this exhibit and they are all great. This must be the most off-the-wall performance I've ever heard from Big Dan. What a great entertainer!


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PLAYDan Ingram, WABC NY August 5, 1967 Pt. 2 (RESTORED) (41:37)
Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (21:08)

. . . much more mucus every morning . . .


Big Dan Ingram continues his substitutional performance for Horse Nostril Amsterboom in Part Two of this classic Saturday morning from August, 1967.

There are lots of spots representing a veritable cornucopia of Sixties pop culture, including classic beer commercials for Gablingers, Rheingold and Piels. Maybe you'd prefer a Mountain Dew or a Hires root beer? You can probably get both at the theaters' snack bars when you see Bonnie And Clyde, War Wagon and You Only Live Twice.

We also get more wonderful PAMS jingles, many of which are accompanied by basso profundo funster Big Dan.


COMMENTS FOR Dan Ingram, WABC NY August 5, 1967 Pt. 2


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