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Murray The K

A few months ago, I found the raw tracks to an interview that Murray the K did with Beatles' manager Brian Epstein in March of 1967 (exact date unknown).

I added in the music and jingles to re-create (as opposed to restoring) the radio show that resulted from these tracks.

When I Googled the interview, here's some of what I found:

Picture Of
Brian Epstein
...the moments before the interview were a lot more dramatic than the talk itself...

... Before he was to give a radio interview with Murray the K, I came into the room (in the Waldorf Towers) to find Brian slurring his language. Obviously he had taken several Nembutals. He had this interview coming up and there were people in the waiting room waiting to see him, and he was like this. I found the bottle. I had to wrestle with him on the floor, throw the bottle out of the window of the hotel and just yell at him. Eventually, with coffee and things like that, we got him together and we took him to the interview.
(source: 1967 Brian Epstein Interview with Murray the K)

Especially from the 2015 perspective of knowing how it all turned out, there's a lot of interesting information in the interview, recorded three months prior to the release of Sgt. Pepper, and five months before Epstein's untimely death.

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