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PLAYCharlie Van Dyke, KLIF Dallas, February 16, 1979 (35:00)

. . . somebody slipped a cherry into his drink and he got crazy, thought his eyeball had fallen in . . .

[Description by Steve Eberhart]

Charlie Van Dyke grew up in Dallas and worked at KIXL and KVIL (before anyone listened to it) and had a long run in afternoons on legendary McLendon powerhouse KLIF 1190.

He left KLIF in 1968 for CKLW. and made tne rounds at some of the biggest Top 40 stations in the nation, including KFRC, WLS, and KHJ. In 1977 under the consultancy of RKO, KLIF was attempting a resurrection plan to return 1190 to its once glory years. In 1977, Van Dyke returned to KLIF as morning man. By 1979, he was PD and settled into the afternoon shift.

This is the last shift Charlie did on KLIF on the afternoon of February 16, 1979 before heading to WRKO in Boston. Saddled in with Bill Grady in the newsroom and Dick Siegel in the KLIF chopper, it is hard to imagine how this wasn't the number one radio program in Dallas. It wasn't, and the attempt to resurrect KLIF didn't succeed, but they gave it a helluva try!

Listen closely for Dick Siegel's very "blue" comment which was quickly ignored and covered by CVD ("or a female."), not to mention the "let the truth be out" revelation at the end between Van Dyke and Grady ("...pompous pushy-ass"). What were they gonna do, fire him?


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