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PLAYKen Dowe and Granny, KLIF Dallas, 1969 (36:39)
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. . . Isn't it unusual why all the automobile dealers is on Lemon Avenue? . . .

About this exhibit...

As of August 2006, Ken Dowe is still active in station management.

Brad Messer (R&R) is featured with two newscasts. As of August 2006, Brad is still on the air in San Antonio.

The aircheck opens with a classic "Communication Is The Beginning Of Understanding" spot from The Bell System.

This recording was originally created at KLIF for the USS KEARSARGE, the third ship in the U.S. Navy to bear the name. It was decommissioned in 1970, about a year after this aircheck.

[Description by Contributor Steve Eberhart]

This is what Ken Dowe wrote to me regarding his Granny Emma character:

Granny Emma ("I may be old, but I got gold!") lifted me from mediocrity and probably saved my sanity as well as my career. I stole Jonathan Winters' "Maude Frickert" voice while working for Kent Burkhart in Atlanta. Fellow jock and still great friend Rod (Come on down!) Roddy actually convinced me to turn it into a character. And, "she" made my on-air career.

Later, John (Borders) Dark often would tell me he was going to fire me if I didn't quit using Emma on air. I lived vicariously though an alter ego that allowed me to say whatever I pleased whenever I chose about whomever I pleased...

"Granny" took on Clint Murchison (DALLAS COWBOY OWNER) and attacked the play of his ("America's") team even while traveling with them, and spat officious advice to one and all. Not even nice people like Stanley Marcus were exempt. No one escaped (sorry, "EXcaped"!) the wrath of the wealthy, temperamental, wasp-waisted, Lear Jet flying, 32nd degree martial arts expert ...G. Emma Dowe. "Tell McLendon the old Scotch drinker I'll say what I want! Gimme a check. I'll buy his place! Any bank!"

Granny Emma went bust in Silicon Valley during the recent dot.com collapses. Ken Dowe is a late blooming hip-hopper with his partner Hymen Childs in Dallas Ft. Worth.

[Our thanks to Steve Eberhart and Ken Dowe for this exhibit.]

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