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[Description by contributor Tom Kent]

. . . I can't sing in that scared little boy voice anymore — not with any credibility . . .

A friend of mine from the record business brought Stephen Stills over to my house, and I invited them to join me in my basement studio. Stephen sat and talked, sang and played his guitar and it was really very intimate, spontaneous and extremely cool.

I had nothing to do with this happening other than I was the recipient of a phone call asking if they could stop by. This is a recording of the entire time that he was here. It includes a lot of regular programming for Into The 70's and Hall of Fame Coast to Coast, Stephen's songs as a solo artist and his songs with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

I didn't script anything. I had some bullet points that I wanted to hit, but I really just followed his lead. Anyway, I'm really proud of and geeked about this interview.

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