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PLAYMurray The K, Soundtrack Of The 60's, September 27, 1980

Each segment of SOUNDTRACK OF THE 60's included a "theme" of some sort, represented musically or with interview clips, or both.

Hour 1, Ellie Greenwich (Hanky Panky, Do Wah Diddy, The Kind of Boy You Can't Forget)
Rain (Rhapsody In The Rain, Rhythm Of The Rain, Rain On The Roof, Rain)
Rodney Dangerfield (Come Back When You Grow Up, Crazy, Respect)
Up To You (I'm Leavin' It Up To You, It's Up To You, It's Your Thing, Wild Thing)

Hour 2, The Lawd (I Say A little Prayer, God Only Knows, Holly Holy)
Billy James, Bob Dylan (Mr. Tambourine Man, All I Really Want To Do, Just Like A Woman)
Bill (Don't Mess With Bill, Ode To Billie Joe, Wedding Bell Blues)
Michael Gwynne (Wipeout, Let There Be Drums, Silence Is Golden)
Space Fantasy (I Think We're Alone Now, Don't Think Twice It's Alright)

Hour 3, I Love You (People, The Volume's, The Platters)
Tommy Roe (Hooray For Hazel, Sweet Pea, Shelia, Dizzy)
People (Sly & The Family Stone, Barbra Streisand, The Dixie Cups)
Studio Musicians (Roger, Peter) (Beach Boys, Chantels, Cream)
Nonsense (Brenton Wood, Jesse Hill)
TV and #1 Song 4th Week of September 1968


A COMPLETE VERSION OF THIS PROGRAM WAS PRESENTED FOR A REELRADIO LABOR DAY WEEKEND STREAMING SPECIAL (8/31—9/1, 2003). This permanent exhibit is a edited version of that Special.

. . . I'm Murray The K, reminding you that music is the soundtrack of our lives . . .

[By contributor Dave Smith]

Believe it or not, I found this and several other shows as part of a pile of albums in a flea market near Morgantown, WV.

Murray mentioned a few of the stations carrying the show:

KFMA, Gerome, ID (Now gone)
KGRC, Hannibal Missouri (Still there, at least in name)
KING Seattle, (Now gone)
WDMS Greenvile Mississippi (Still there, at least in name)
WCOS Columbia South Carolina (Still there, at least in name)
WRKO, Boston (Still there, at least in name)

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I personally heard a few of these shows via skywave from WBT, Charlotte.

I hope all enjoy this recovered artifact from almost 23 years ago.


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