GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Radio Music Report founder Ron Brandon for this Golden Gift from The Ultimate Radio Bootleg - Special Southeast Edition.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20KHz)
PLAY WHBQ Disco Sucks Composite and Bob Sherwood, 1979 (11:45)

. . . We thought it was a disco . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

This exhibit was assembled from pieces of The Ultimate Radio Bootleg - Special Southeast Edition (Side One), (© 1979 Mercury/Phonogram) featuring Memphis powerhouse WHBQ. (The WRJZ aircheck from Side One is elsewhere at REELRADIO, the WHHY aircheck will be included at some future date.)

PRODUCED BY: Jay McDaniel.
BACK-UP VOCALS ON "DISCO SUCKS": Hazel McGhee, Lois Kerr, Sandra Allen, Cynthia Base, Sharona Kelley and Suzanne Jerome.
PERSONAL DIRECTION: Lee "Professor Blues" McLemore.
INSPIRATION: Swain Shaeffer.
HAZARDOUS DUTY THANK Q's TO: Chris Cavallo & "Colorado" Leonard.
It opens with Disco Sucks, a parody featuring John Long and Rusty Black as the "Q's Brothers". Long and Black's very funny WHBQ aircheck appears in The Marty Johnson Collection at REELRADIO. This exhibit includes the rest of the 1979 Q Crew in a composite featuring Cherie Ann, Dave Nichols, The Birdman, Paul the Night Mayer, and Tad Griffin.

The Ultimate Bootleg series was a promotional campaign designed to develop high visibility for Mercury/Phonogram using airchecks as DJ bait. Then Phonogram, Inc. President and ex-radio guy Bob Sherwood is included as the finale, promoting — what else? — Mercury/Phonogram 'product'.

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