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PLAYJoe Niagara, WIBG Philadelphia, July 1957 (29:22)

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. . . Niagara calls in Philly at Radio 99 . . .

"Rockin' Bird" Joe Niagara, a few years after this aircheck. (Photo courtesy Ben Fong-Torres, The Hits Just Keep On Coming.)

[Description by Larry Ware]

This mostly unscoped aircheck of 30-year-old Joe Niagara on Philadelphia's WIBG came to me from collector Aaron Mintz. I picked it up because I wanted to hear what radio sounded like in the month and year I was born (July, 1957). This is a great aircheck with classic 1957 songs.

Niagara started on WIBG in 1947. WIBG was "middle of the road", but in 1956, Joe started mixing in a few new "rock 'n' roll" records.

Joe Niagara passed away Friday, June 4, 2004 at Lankenau Hospital in Wynnewood Pa.


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