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PLAYBob Lewis, WABC NY February 7, 1964 (RESTORED) (01:12:09)
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. . . I'm setting the divariable veeblefertzer for the past and letting the time slide roll . . .


Big Daddy Bob-a-lew Bob Lewis, who left us at the age of 49 in 1987, was only 26 when he hosted this all-night show on WABC AM & FM. This aircheck was last broadcast as a two-hour feature during the 2008 presentation of WABC REWOUND, a short-lived Memorial Day tribute to the Top 40 years. According to Johnny Donovan, the aircheck was contributed by former WABC Program Director Glenn Morgan.

Donovan actually did the restoration of music on this very clean 'scoped aircheck, and he also credited Ed Rothchild as part of the REWOUND team who helped locate the music. Also credited was long-time engineer Frank D'Elia and our friend Peter Kanze. Of course, master restorian and REELRADIO contributor Rob Frankel was involved in many REWOUND restorations.

This version of the aircheck was mixed together from the REWOUND digital master, but the REWOUND elements have been removed, so what remains is pretty close to the original restored aircheck. Some jingle substitutions that may not be chronologically correct were added for REWOUND. And there's one other "Major" difference. A title that WABC was "unable to find" remained 'scoped in their version. But, it was kindly contributed by our friend Stormy Hunter and has been restored here.


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